Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bats in my Belfry!

Last night - dinner & conversation with friends at my favorite restaurant.  Today - Bats!  I just can't get them off my mind...

This year I decided to design a bat to add to the shop.  No, he is not a play cookie - he is an ornament!  Hang him on a package;  give him to a co-worker;  surprise your children in their lunch box;  etc.

In the evening, we enjoy sitting together on the patio, lighting a fire, talking about the day & waiting for the bats to begin their flight - They come alive in the dusk hours & are quite acrobatic in their movements.  This little guy is a fun representation of these soft tiny creatures!

Design an adorable shape.
Cut pieces out of felt.
Add a jute hanger.
Stuff with scraps.
Sew together. 

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