Thursday, November 11, 2010

Natural, Reusable Coffee Filters!

This is one of those items that I can't make enough of!  Reusable Coffee Filters - who knew it could be so easy to reduce & reuse?  These are made from a natural cotton/hemp material & secured with a serger so they will last for many years.  We rinse them out each day & throw them in the washer once a week.  Couldn't be easier & we never run out!  What kind of sustainable projects are you working on today?

Pastry Bag Fun!

The new Wool Felt Pastry Bag Set is adorable!  The Pastry Bag is 'full' of Strawberry Icing & I've included 2 Dollops of Strawberry Icing to pretend with.   Squeeze Icing onto your pancakes, cookies, cupcakes, poptarts, or wherever you want a little!  Great addition to your bakers pantry supplies for the holidays!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bow Tie Pasta & Cherry Tomatoes

More yummy BowTie Pastas for your budding chef.  I just love the Cherry Tomatoes in this set.  Put it all in a bowl & toss with a wooden spoon.  What a fun gift for the upcoming holidays.

Roll Up Play Kitchen Mat!

These are the most adorable! What a simple way to let your kids play pretend 'on the go'. This Kitchen Mat rolls up to go with you wherever you go. It's fun to place on the kitchen counter & let the kids cook along with you. I've attached a placemat, silverwhere, stove burners & knobs, so they can cook and serve their culinary creations using their plates, pans & food! This Mat encourages imaginative play -
* Take the order
* Turn on the burners
* Cook the meal
* Set the table
* Serve the food
* Have fun!


Well, here's a snack that isn't just for the kids. There's just something about a PopTart, right? I made a Strawberry Iced Felt PopTart with Heart Sprinkles for the shop - so the kids have something to put in their play toaster. They measure 3" wide x 4 1/2" high, so they are just the right size for little hands. Ahh - how soft & sweet.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wool Breakfast

Felt Bacon & Eggs....yum! I don't remember the toys in my childhood being this much fun! How 'bout you?

Crochet Facial Scrubbies!

My daughter & I are learning all there is to know about taking care of the skin on her face - these cotton facial scrubbies help make the job fun. There couldn't be a better reason for coming up with a new crochet project to work on...! This teaches my 13 year old how to make something useful and how to reuse & reduce the products we have. No more cotton balls or pads. We throw these in with the wash to keep them clean, soft & fresh.

Felt Ornaments

As I teach my daughter algebra and my son phonics, I'm finding much solice in creating these wool felt Ornaments! I've attached a twine hanger & stuffed them with felt scraps. Ahh, they are precious & provide me a bit of stress relief!! What's your peaceful project today?