Thursday, March 31, 2011

Carrot Cookies

One more pair of these cookies left for the easter season.  This set is made from wool blend felt.  They are seriously so yummy, they make my mouth water!

Play PopCorn!

I made some PopCorn for a customer today.  These were made from wool blend felt.  So soft & sweet.  Haven't put any of these cuties in the shop for about a year - I missed them!

My Cookies in Review

Stop by this blog ( and see my Pink Flower Tea Party Cookies on review.  There is also a free giveaway (until April 9)!

Yeah - Winner of the free giveaway is number #93.  Congratulations Pat!!

Play Pasta!

A large order of Bow-Tie-Pasta and Cherry Tomatoes on my to-do-list today.  I'm thinking that's what we'll have for dinner tonight, too!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Celebrate Spring!

To celebrate Spring, the shop is offering FREE SHIPPING MONDAY.  Anything you purchase in my etsy shop on Monday, will have free shipping.  I'm so happy for spring this year - the winter was rough on us in PA.  Enjoy.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Felt & Fabric Friday

There are many other things I should be doing today, but I'm sewing felt (what else is new?)!  This is a different take on the fabric clutch I made a few weeks ago.  There is always a way to put felt into a project around here! 

This clutch feels durable because of the wool felt used for the body.  I lined it with a simple cream duck fabric & added a little bit of cotton floral for the flap & wristlett strap.  So simple & quick. It’s soft to touch and hold.  I’m thrilled with this – the colors are perfect for spring.  Not sure if I will give in & let my daughter have it or keep it to use as an errand purse or maybe a cosmetic bag inside my big purse or tote bag...?  I think i'm going to try & use some of our recycled jean fabric & make one for my 13 year old who has everything!

I am still using the pattern I purchased from this shop -

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I'm putting more 15" Wool Felt Bookmarks in the shop for spring.  They look so soft & sweet.  Will make a great addition to the Easter Basket!

Quiet Tuesday

Today has been a quiet day full of thoughts & ideas as we spent most of the morning at the orthodontist.  This time of year is full of color & wonder - The pastels just make me smile.  I started to cut & play with shapes for spring flower ornaments.  They are an abstract flower shape with circles & ribbon that I’ve made before – just new color combinations.  These will be fun to use around the house or give as thoughtful gifts in celebration of the spring season.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Tea Bags for a Tea Party!

New to the shop is a set of Heart Tea Bags in their own Envelopes!  The Envelopes have a hook & loop closure to keep the Tea Bags secure when you're not using them.  What little girl wouldn't love adding these to her tea party collection? 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sunny Side Eggs!

An order for 7 Wool Felt Fried Eggs is on the list today!  There’s just something so therapeutic & relaxing about making my felt food & today I'm glad for that.  Some ironing & hand sewing and 'waa laa' - they're ready to go.  When making these eggs, I notice there's much less mess than when I fry them on the stove...easy cleanup.  Start your day with a good breakfast!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Love Envelope (You Have Mail!)

The kids & I made handmade cards for Valentine's Day this year & were discussing how much people love handmade cards - I got to thinkin’…!  Why not make a card (mail) out of FELT.  Your little one can use these "Love Envelopes" in their imagination play time, as pretend invitations to a tea party or as a pretend note that says “I Love You”.  I put 6 little felt hearts in each envelope as a fun gift to share with dolls or stuffed animals.  I'll put some of these in the shop later on today.

Blueberry Blue Sugar Cookies

These Blueberry Blue Wool Felt Sugar Cookies are new to the shop.  I just love their colors.  Yum - They will be the perfect addition to your next blue tea party.  Share them with your teddy bears or dolls or give them out as favors to your girl friends!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Freebie Friday - March

4 Pink Flower Sugar Cookies & 2 Heart Tea Bags
It’s Freebie Friday!  This is the first handmade Freebie on this blog & I am excited to offer a little set of Felt Play Food Pink Flower Cookies & Heart Tea Bags tucked into a small craft bag!  These are my most popular sellers (made from recycled acrylic & wool blend felts) – sure to make the little princess in your life smile & giggle!

How To Enter The Freebie Friday Drawing:
1.      Leave a comment about the freebie on this post & your name will be entered into ‘the hat’. (please make sure I can contact you through your email address).
2.      One comment per person.
3.      Freebie Friday begins:  Friday March 4
4.      Freebie Friday ends:  Monday, March 7
5.      Winner will be announced:  Tuesday, March 8
6.      One winner a month.
7.      Good luck and Happy Tea Party!

NO WINNER THIS MONTH - We'll try again next month!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


More shapes sitting in front of me today.  Lots of work to accomplish.  I just love the spring colors.  Some of these pieces will be wool felt cookies & embellishments and some will be recycled acrylic felt cookies & tea bags.  How very precious!

The first Freebie Friday is tomorrow - March 4.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fabric Wristlet Clutch

This has been a project on my list for the longest time.  A gift for my mother became the perfect excuse to take the time to work on it.  Oh my, how lovely (now I have to make one for my daughter & myself!).  I found so many free tutorials out there for these clutch purses – I think I’ll try more than one.  I did purchase a pattern from that was fabulous to work with.

I used a simple cotton outer fabric that I had laying around & an unbleached cotton fabric for the lining.  A vintage button from my grandmothers button box finishes this project just perfectly!  Don’t wait for a holiday or gift giving time to make one of these little clutches….you will just love it.  I hope you enjoy this cutie.

Cookie Review

There are a couple of these cute little sets of Pink Tea Party Cookies going out today for blog reviews.  I love it when my felt play food gets reviewed.  There might even be a giveaway involved….!  I’ll give you details when I know more.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pretend Cookies

I'm working on a couple sets of Pink Flower Tea Party Cookies today - Yum.  Makes me want to whip up a batch of 'real' cookies to eat!  But that wouldn't help me get these projects finished.....