Monday, January 31, 2011

New Puppy!

We've just rescued the most precious 8 week old puppy!  Thought I should let everyone know how excited we are about her.  We decided to name her Bella - Ahhh!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Wool Felt Ornaments!

These little Ornaments are sweet little gifts to remind your friends how much you love them!  Hang them or use them as bookmarks.  I made them from wool felt flower shapes, circles & grograin ribbon.

For each ornament, cut 2 flower shapes (of your choice), 2 different sized circles & an 8" length of ribbon.  Fold the ribbon in half & attach it to the back of one flower.  Decoratively stitch the circles to the front of a flower shape.  Stack the 2 flowers together & decoratively stitch around with a running stitch or a blanket stitch.  That's it!

How precious they are!  I've done these in lots of colors, but these are the most striking, especially for the Valentine's Holiday!

Sweet Girlie Pins

These little cuties were inspired by my teenage daughter & her search for handmade gift ideas for her friends!! This is a precious Flower Pin made from colors of wool-blend felt & repurposed wet-felted sweaters with coordinating button embellishment. They are so much fun to layer & put together.

These are the sweetest gift for any little lady who likes to adorn things in her life – totebag, purse, scarf, gloves, headband, sweater, denim jacket, backpack, hat, etc. A pinback is securely attached & will allow you the flexibility to put this accessory on just about anything!  They are so soft & a thoughtful gift to give to someone you love. The Flower measures 3” round.

Valentine's Coffee Cozy!

I love to crochet these!  They are such a fun gift for a special friend, as you sit at the cafe together & chat over a hot cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate!  Enjoy your friends & loved ones as you celebrate spending more time together this Valentine's Day!

I've made these to fit a 16oz to-go-cup, using a double crochet stitch & small ruffle at the top.  They are approximately 4" high - a nice size to keep your hand from touching the hot drink!

Wool Felt Valentine's Bookmarks!

Always a favorite for us to give away around here - These little Valentine's Gifts are made with circles & flowers of pink & red wool-blend felt, attached to grosgrain ribbon.

To make these from wool felt - cut four 2" circles, 4 (or 6) flower shapes, 4 small circles, 16" ribbon.  Stitch the flower & small circle shapes to the 2" circles.  Attach each end of the ribbon to the middle of the 2" circles.  Stitch all the way around with a running stitch or a blanket stitch.  Quick & easy!  Total bookmark measures 15".

These Bookmarks are soft & fun to give to someone you love - Put in a lunch box; lay next to the coffee maker for a special surprise; tie on top of a package; use as party favors; hang in your car; give to a new reader; share them with your book club; or just for you!

Valentine's Felt Candies

Here we are again at another sweet holiday.  Valentine's Candies & Cookies are way too much fun!  These felt treats were designed around the 'conversation heart' candies, but I think they are much more like mini iced cookies...yum.  I've made these pretend treats with pastel colors - pink, lavender, blue, green, yellow, white - sweet enough to eat.  They are packaged in a small white net bag.  Your little ones will smile as they serve these heart cookies to you at the next tea party!  Enjoy.