Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Face Scrubbies - Quick and Simple Pattern...!

Crochet Face Scrubbies ($4.00)
I think these are just adorable - not to mention reusable, eco friendly, safe, affordable...

Quick and Simple - a new motto around here! 

Something about the seasonal 'candy corn' colors makes me feel warm this year...

These Crochet Face Scrubbies are the perfect size for getting your face clean without too much mess (approximately 3").  Reusable.  Great texture.  Easy to throw into the wash.  Much more fun than a washcloth or cotton pad.  My children enjoy using them, as the large washcloth is always dripping down their arm and making a huge mess!!!

They make a sweet homemade gift for a teenager - wrapped in a jar with face wash, moisturizer and headband!  Fun idea for the holidays.

Although there are plenty of instructions (out there) on how to 'crochet in the round', this is a pattern I have tweaked and enjoy using.  This is very basic!  Have fun.

Round Facial Scrubbies Pattern

slip stitch = sl st
chain = ch
single crochet = sc
double crochet = dc

'G' hook
cotton yarn

Finished size:
coaster should be approximately 3" round.

round #1:
ch 4.  12 dc in first ch.  join with sl st in first dc. (12)
round #2:
ch 2.  2 dc in each stitch around.   join with sl st in first stitch. (24)
round #3:
ch 2. *1 dc in next stitch. 2 dc in next stitch.* repeat around.  join with sl st in first stitch. (36)
round #4:
ch 1.  *sl st in next stitch.  sc in next stitch.* repeat around.  join.  fasten off.

weave in loose tails.

~this pattern is for personal use only~ 

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