Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's a Cozy day...!

I find myself with heavy thoughts today...Although this blog is a little venue for me to share my crafts, occasionally my thoughts & ideals get in here too!  My thoughts are caught up in the frustration of negative comments & narrow mindedness of people around me.  I wish that I could openly share & make a difference without the critical comments I hear around me!  It's hard to make a difference when all I see is people hanging on to their old ways with no need for change.  Guess this has bothered me for years & it's rearing it's ugly head again.  I've spent time journalling my thoughts, & realize that I need to move past these attitudes I am surrounded with & think positively.  We aren't supposed to spend our days daunted by others, but encouraging them instead.  I suppose I can't change anyone but myself...?! God is good & always has a plan.  Be careful how your attitude & words affect others - this is a good lesson for me, as I assess my own actions (Ephesians 4).

I need to curl up with a Hot Steamy Cup Java & yarn this afternoon!  The weather here has surprised us with bright warm sun & gentle breezes - wow - how encouraging!

This Spicy Pumpkin Cozy & a Natural Cozy were added to the shop today.  Enjoy!

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