Monday, October 31, 2011

Ear Warmer Cozy...!

Well, the idea of a Earwarmer/Headband has been in the back of my mind for the longest time.  There has been something tricky about it - I guess some projects just take more time and effort, huh?  I have wanted to design something for my daughter & I to wear that would keep our ears warm, & also be a stylish accessory to hold back the flyaway hair!  This new 'Frost Bite' Earwarmer design allows me to use the chunky homespun yarn & oversized hook that I have become so fond of  (obsessed with?)....!  Just like my 'Snow Kiss' Headband, it has an elastic band in the back to ensure a good fit.

This fall, we have been picking apples, taking train rides, walking through pumpkin fields & now look forward to trick-or-treating & picking out Christmas trees.  This newly designed 'Frost Bite' Earwarmer will be the perfect accessory to wear this winter as we embark on more fun family adventures...!

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