Sunday, October 16, 2011

Buttons from my Forest!

Wood Branch Buttons 1"
Well, purchasing buttons for my Coffee Cup Cozy's & Hats has become a bit costly.  As a desperation move, I asked my husband to forage for branches in our forest, cut them into small thin circles & drill holes in them - all so I could make my own buttons!!  A bit tricky in the beginning, but SO worth it in the end!  Ha Ha.  Instead of rubbing them with oil, I am coating them with a thin layer of shellac.  I worry about people hand washing their Coffee Cozy & damaging the wood.  The shellac will protect the 'button' from harm.

The kids got involved in this project by finding branches & sticks the correct size & making sure Daddy cuts them 'just right' for Mommie!  I'm working on sizes & thickness at this point, but I am thrilled with the outcome, so far.  My husband asked me:  "Does this make me a 'crafter' now?"  I said, "Most certainly not.  You are just my Supplier!"  He is such a great support to my quirky crafy ideas - I don't know what I would do without him...
1 1/4" Branch Buttons
1" Branch Buttons

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