Thursday, September 1, 2011


Been away for a little bit.  The recent hurricane didn't cause damage to our home via flood or tree damage.  But, we did lose power for 4 days!  Let me just say that I know we rely on electric for many things, I just didn't realize how stranded you can feel without it.  Although I had a lot of safety plans in place, there are only so many things you can plan for.  Once we rescued the food out of our fridge/freezers & put it in a safe place, we left town to be together & enjoy some away time.  I had some time to think about what's going on in our lives & put things in perspective.  I hope that everyone who experienced effects of the recent storms is now finding a calm relief.

A new stretchy soft yarn - 100% Superwashed Wool - Robins Egg Blue - reminds me of a storm!

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