Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Chocolate Mocha

Well, this new Shorty Cozy couldn't be any different (for my style)!  I found this Chocolate Acrylic Yarn at the bottom of my grandmother's yarn basket & started crocheting a Coffee Cozy with much hesitation.  For some reason, I just wasn't sure about the color or type of yarn.  Now that it's completed, I couldn't love it any more - It's very chocolately & warm with the brown on brown color - Perfect for your cup of hot chocolate or cafe mocha drink!!  The yarn is a substantial acrylic that will hold up for a long time, as it tirelessly protects you from hot liquids in your cup.  This Shorty Cup Cozy is accented with a leather button I've been holding on to from the button box.  Not sure that I'll be able to part with this one!

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