Saturday, September 17, 2011

Celebrate Fall

I'm not sure that I'm ready, even though I've been thinking about it for weeks - Fall is coming quickly.  Next week to be exact - September 23 - Yikes!

I enjoy picking pumpkins with the kids; snuggling;  roasting marshmallows;  sitting around the fire on the patio;  hayrides;  sipping yummy hot drinks to keep me cozy warm;  colorful leaves falling in my back woods;  finding acorns all over the ground;  warm spicy apple cider;  pumpkin pie with chocolate drizzle & extra whipped cream; one last mow of the lawn;  crocheting in my bay window - and all of the many things that my mind evokes when thinking about the cooler temperatures.  But, now I'm a bit saddened because the summer is leaving us again for another year.  Let's get on with the snuggling!

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