Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Coffee Cozy/Sleeve/Jacket/Wrap?

Natural Cozy w/ Wooden Buttons
A 'Fancy' Coffee Sleeve for your 'Fancy' Coffee!!  I find so much relaxation in making my Crochet Coffee Cozies.  These are made from cotton yarn, which makes them softer & more sustainable in my mind (some are acrylic & wool).  For some reason, I like this design so much, I don't experiment to change it.  Must be looking forward to fall since it's so hot right now!  Did you know that some people don't drink coffee during the warm summer months - I don't mind at all!  Have you had your caffeine fix today???  Hope you enjoy the colors & texture (love the cream color cotton yarn with the wooden buttons & variagated green/white)
Green & White Variated Cozy


  1. These are gorgeous. They would definitely come in handy for me right now (as its winter in Australia)a great way to keep my coffee hot for longer and yet not scald my hands. Plus it looks so soft!

    Im a coffee drinker all year round too, not gonna let a little thing like steaming hot weather stop me!

  2. I like them too - they are a little something bright & fancy on your cardboard cup! Thank you for sharing your love of hot coffee with me!!

  3. don't know what happened to my previous comment - i'm not anonymous!