Saturday, February 26, 2011

Scrappy Bookmark Project

The kids and I got to making stuff with our scrap box yesterday.  Thought you'd like to see what we came up with - 'Scrappy Bookmarks' - what a fun project!  What a fabulous idea for making little gifts or usable items out of the things that are so easily discarded.  We backed all of these bookmarks with wool felt for durability.  These will be great holding our place in our school books & bibles and great gift ideas for Easter baskets this year.  It was a fun time with the cutter matt, rotary tool, ruler, iron, sewing machine, ribbon box, & scrap fabric bin....!...Imagine the mess that was left in the path of this project!!!  We looked on the internet for some fabric scrap ideas and found quite a few sites that had tutorials for bookmarks.  I think we ended up putting our own spin on these with our technique and size.  Check out this site for a sweeet bookmark tutorial:  Make things that are reusable today!

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